With 25 years experience in the civil industry. Working on various projects, such as Logan Motorway upgrade, Pacific Motorway upgrade, Brisbane Busway project and the Airport Link. 
So together with our experience and along with the manufacturer  We have custom built a Vacuum Excavation Unit that far exceeds many other sucker trucks out there.
We don't have just one High pressure water cutter to do all the digging, we have Two!  That means we cut dirt twice as fast.
We also have a wide range of cutters to dig all soil types.
Fitted with various types of jet rodding attachments we are able to clean all sizes of stormwater and sewer pipe.

We are able to organise Dial B 4 u Dig drawings. 

Confirm the location of the services with pot holing.



Aquavac puts Safety before Production.

We work with Comprehensive WHS systems.

We operate in a blame free environment where WHS incidents such as near-misses, accidents and injuries are recorded and investigated. We focus on learning what went wrong, why it happened and how it can be prevented in the future, rather than who did it.





  • First Aid


  • Electrical Spotters 


  • Confined Spaces


  • Asbestos Removal Class B


  • Asbestos Supervisors course


  • Registered Carrier of Regualated Waste ERA 57


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