Hydro-Vacuum Excavation


By Aquavac is widely considered the safest and fastest way to expose and excavate around all services (pot-holing) with minimum risk and maximum safety.


We run a seperate diesel engine that powers our blower, which sucks at 1340 CFM at 20inch of full vacuum, and TWO 4000p.s.i.  high pressure water cutters, which we have multiple head types for every different type of soil. That means cutting the dirt and digging the holes twice as fast! 


Aquavac Vacuum Excavations has already worked with a variety of companies including Telstra (where we have dug around 250 pits without damaging any of the many cables that we have found direct buried). Along with many Civil companies where every job is different.


Some of the jobs that we have done: 


  • Locating many services 

  • Tunnel boring jobs where a conduit was left out under a road/driveway.

  • Cleaning trenches and steelwork after a rain event has come through, without the need to remove steelwork for concretors.

  • Digging out for the Underpinning of a walls

  • Pit cleanouts and manholes.

  • Sewer cleanouts and stormwater pipes cleaned out.

  • Restricted access excavations (under houses and in back yards where bobcats and machines cant fit.)

  • Pier cleanouts prior to concrete. We have cleaned out down to 4.5m but can do more given the chance.

  • Post holes for fencing and stumps

  • We can also clear water from Floods.


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